Dear MRA Trolls Who Have Found This Blog

You are not owed a forum, and you are not getting one here. The entire world is a big platform for men to voice their concerns; this little corner of it is not. Especially when those concerns are just so stupid and/or pernicious.

The giveaway is when you say things like “so what if I don’t want to be someone’s emotional tampon?”

Because misogyny is over, duh.

Also makes you easy to spot: claiming that because I am a woman, I don’t know anything about the threat of male violence. Lulz.

These are stupid and childish things to say. And I am not going to entertain stupid and childish comments on this blog, unless they involve slow lorises or something.

So, heads up, fair warning, etc: you are wasting your time. Once I realize who you are, I will delete you, and then I will block you.

Ta ta!

Update: in case there is any confusion, yes, men are welcome on this blog. They are even allowed to disagree with me. They are expected to behave like adults, however, as are women.  And if  they pat themselves on the back for rationality while employing silly logical leaps to shore up shallow arguments, they will bore me, and be treated accordingly.

Because there’s just not enough time in the day to have stupid arguments, when there are smart, respectful people out there who can really make you think.

Comments will be evaluated on merits, so feel free to try and try again, of course.

Point of Order

You will have noticed that there is no Middlemarch post up.

This is not, as it might seem, because I am bone-lazy and incompetent. At least not just because.

I’ve heard it from a reliable source that some people who would like to discuss have fallen behind, so we’re all getting a week off to catch up.

Tune in on Friday for chapters 30-39!

Links from Last Week (ish)

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Yes, asshats everywhere, rape jokes can be funny.

Yours just wasn’t.

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Most of my thoughts on having it all

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A Review of Welcome Wagon

Has anyone else read and loved Neil Gaiman?

He cites Chesterton as an influence, funnily enough.

ATTN: You are currently reading a ladyblog.

Like, so meta.


made me think of


I am so sorry.

Immigration is a family issue

Mass incarceration is becoming everyone’s problem,

thank the Lord.

Also, since it was just Bastille Day, here is a present for you.

You are welcome. Happy Monday!