Who are you people?
Read the “About Us” page. Any further questions can be directed to email.

What’s with the blog name?
Long story, actually. Short version is, we decided to form a singing group called “Cities of Wrath,” in which we go by the names of Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon.  Also, we’re young (scintillating, smoking, et cetera et cetera) Catholic women.  And these modern times, well…

Where can I meet you three?
We’re not telling you where we live so we don’t have potential suitors/ stalkers/hate mail/ the Inquisition hunting us down. Find us at the March or the next WYD. Or periodically getting into shenanigans in Philly and NYC.

Oh.Em.Gee. How did you get so pretty?  
Good families and bad living?

Are you single?
Maybe…. Maybe not.

Do you have any single friends?
Ok- NOW you’re sounding like a stalker.

Your girl-crushes on Simone Weil/De Beauvoir/Babe Paley/ A. von Hildebrand are very weird, not to mention contradictory. Can you stop?

Were you aware that as representatives of your faith/heritage/gender/typing instructor, you three often suck?

So pray for us or pay for charm school. Preferably both.

I came over from Cosmopolitan.com or the TFP official website, and hence find you and your opinions quite loathsome.  So I’m just going to fire off nasty bigoted remarks about Christians, other religions, women, my mother, your mothers and anything else I can think of .

No, honey. No you’re not.

How do I become like you?

Why would you want to? If you do, you’re already riding the train to crazy town. Like, you have your own berth and bum cigarettes off the conductor.
But… if you want to really get on the express, add lots of  books, lots of siblings, lots of liquor, crazy colleges, silly friends, modern art, reactionary tendencies, Marxofeminist leanings, Bruce Springsteen,  Sufjan Stevens, Vampire Weekend, McIntyre, Borges, Piglia, Nietzche, Lewis, Merton, Austen, Bresson, Dorothy Day, Augustine, 2 sticks of butter, 1 cup of sugar and a visceral hatred of the Catholic Academy’s love of New Natural Law. And then tie a bow on it.

Will you make and send me baked goods?
Yes. We’re dead serious. Email us..

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