Meet the Babes

Addie- Is probably writing this between dance parties in the library. She doesn’t really know how to keep focus on just one thing, so she instead tries to balance her loves of chocolate, languages, and pretending she knows something about books.

Clare- Likes floral print dresses and Joan Jett. Is out to destroy the nuclear family.

Christine-  Nautical stripes and vocabulary Christine!words, picturesque outings and trips abroad. Oh, and candy. Candy and sarcasm.


Together we hope to offer our reflections on women, men, art, literature, music, philosophy, modernism, feminism, pretty things with bows or icing, and topics of interest to JP II/ B XVI Catholics. [Or Dorothy Day Catholics! Or Padre Pio Catholics! or Just Catholics! Or not Catholics! We like exclamation points.]

By no means do we represent the Magisterium; heck- we don’t even hold a basic theology degree between the three of us. Feel free to correct all minor heresies. (Although Clare might flip you off if you do.)

Oh, and we’ll try to be ladylike. But no promises.

6 thoughts on “Meet the Babes

    • You know, I think I just google imaged “crazy scary ladies” or something. Sorry that’s not more helpful, and if I violated some kind of copyright!

    • The photo is from a Time article published during WWII. Since men were being shipped off overseas, women were told they had to be trained in firearms. The photo was taken in a high school hallway. The image is in fact copyrighted.

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