There’s been a spate of articles recently on the sufferings of female prisoners unable to access sanitary napkins.

Philadelphia’s Riverside Correctional Facility, one of the prisons featured in the Ms. Magazine post, also had one of the highest sexual assault rates in country as of 2013.

I would like to, eventually, ensure that the inmates of Riverside can access tampons safely and regularly, and am currently in touch with the prison about the best way to set up a commissary fund or alternative method of distribution.

To that end, I’ve set up a GoFundMe campaign here.

This is not the abolition of prison or a reform of prison conditions needed; but the humiliation of being unable to provide oneself with intimate and basic hygiene supplies is very thorough and cruel, and worth mitigating if only a little.

According to the city of Philadelphia’s daily census, there are 728 inmates currently housed at riverside. Ideally, the fund would provide each one with one (approximately) $4 box of tampons a month.

If you are a woman, consider donating the cost of an extra box of tampons next time you stock up on period supplies.

If you are a man, consider donating two.


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