Terrible Valentine’s Day Playlist Redux

Once again, and a month late: a playlist for those whose Valentine’s day was more traumatic than tender, loosely inspired by women from books and their mediocre-to-terrifying suitors. Possibly a bit spoiler-y; previous version here. 

Mary Garth re Fred Vincy

Gwendolyn Harleth re Grandcourt

Lydia Glasher re Grandcourt

Fanny Price re Edmund Bertram

Bertha Mason re Mr. Rochester

Tess Durbeyfield re Alec Durbeyfield

Katie Nolan re Johnny Nolan

Lizzy Bennet re Mr. Collins

Lizzy Bennet re Wickham

Dunya re Svidrigailov

Literally every woman Don Juan interacts with/molests, that Venn diagram is pretty much fully intersectional

Penelope re all her suitors

Harriet Vane re Phillip Boyes

honorable mention, because she deserves it, poor girl.

Dorothea re Causabon