Saturday Links

Who doesn’t want new reasons to worry about your nether regions?

I sense a trend piece in the offing.

Who knew?

Renisha McBride

I’m just going to link to this, because if I try to comment, suddenly I’ll be staring in confused horror at a 2,000 word monstrosity.

I tip my hat to you, sir.

Melissa Harris Perry, meh, but I would listen to bell hooks read the phone book.

rsgdfihncklqwefosjk YES. 

Of note.

War and obscurity

One of the most smugly moronic things I’ve read in a while

Since we’ve just been petulantly reminded that the Pope is Catholic, let me draw your attention to the barbarity of our criminal justice system.

Does anyone else remember the sinking realization that all the plots were the same?


This was lovely.

Walmart strikers

I’d argue that it behooves social conservatives to close up the casinos and back off of drugs, as the war on them is possibly the single most effective policy for separating fathers from their children.

Who ARE these people? Who does this?

Marilynne Robinson’s political allegiances are primarily to America.



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