Ten Reasons We All Secretly Want to Move to Scandinavia

It really is time for a comprehensive survey, in no particular order.


10. Bjork

9. Sigrid Undset. Embarrassingly, I have only read The Mistress of Husaby and The Cross, because the first volume disappeared somewhere in our house.

8. The food. Seriously though, gravlax. Also, fish stew.

7. The young ladies of Sweden.

6. The  LagarfljótsormurCome with me when I inevitably resettle in Iceland, and we shall hunt him together.

You want to live here. I know you do.

5. Speaking of Iceland, elves. Note that the important point is not that the Icelanders believe in elves, although that’s nice too. No, the crux of the matter is that Iceland is home to the huldufoldk, and someday I will find them.

4. Just Iceland, winning again.

3. Snorri Sturluson. Have you read the Prose Edda yet? No? Then stop reading this blog and read that instead.

Also, names like Snorri Sturluson.

2. Tove Jansson and her moomins. Same advice as above, but more strongly urged. Don’t neglect her books for grownups, either–The Summer Book is lovely and impossible to describe.

1. This.

Little My is having none of your pick-up artist nonsense.


Honorable mention: Ingmar Bergman,  Hans Christian Andersen, The Cardigans, First Aid Kit

Deliberately not mentioned: Abba, Ikea

Extra anecdotal reason: I spent time in a Stockholm airport recently, and the men all looked like Ryan Gosling in a fisherman’s sweater.

And it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of luxuriant blonde hair and paid paternity leave must be in want of a wife.


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