Happy feast of the Assumption!

Get thee to Mass.



On a related note, I would like to thank CCC and its terrible animation for a lot of simultaneous catechesis and babysitting. Also for instilling in me a fervent and anxious hope that I would not become the recipient of a Marian apparition. Because as far as I could tell, the general timeline was as follows:

1. The Theotokos appears to you.

2. Everyone calls you a liar.

3. You lose all your friends and alienate your family, and maybe have to eat grass or something.

4. The bearded enemies of the Church threaten to kill you and said friends and family, lock you in an asylum, or boil you in oil.

5. The bishops don’t like you either.

7. Just when people finally believe you, you become a nun and/or die of consumption.

Does anyone have a favorite CCC movie? The St. Patrick one is pretty great, the one where whenever he’s supposed to be walking they just make the ground move under him.


Mother Mary, we love you, even when stories of your apparitions terrify us!

O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee







4 thoughts on “

    • Umm, I got it by way of google, but apparently it’s originally from a newspaper story from the 40s? Until the hounds of the law come after me I’m going to assume no one is mad at me for using it.

  1. Favorite CCC? “Quality Entertainment for the Whole Family”? Definitely the one about guardian angels where a skinny, sketchy, middle-aged thief dresses up as an angel using seat stuffing and the sun visor from a car in order to save a little blond girl who is stuck on a cliff with her bunny, Hopper, whose bling the thieves are after.

    • YES YES. For a while I confusedly thought that my angel’s job is to give me fabulously expensive jewelry.

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