Back like Bach

Hi, it’s me! Remember me? Oh, that’s ok, I’m sure you will after another glass or two. Sorry this blog has lain fallow for so long, friends. There was this family thing, and then this hurricane thing, and then I went to Paris (Paris!), and then this flu thing.

But anyway, why don’t we get to know each other again over a few links?


Yes, world. I flirt with you because I like you, and I like me, and sometimes it makes you be nice to me. Moving on.

Courtesy of William

Since everybody suddenly wants to talk about sexual ethics in the military, can we remember this?

I know the election is over, but Fulgani Sheth is a treasure

“And before someone tells me that that’s a patriarchal question—that women should be able to make their own decisions and survive independently of “their men,” let me suggest that we look around the US for a quick min: It’s a patriarchal society.”

Great piece

This too

I’m so glad someone is saying this.

Good to know that The Atlantic’s trolling of women has gotten both less interesting and less feminist.

For instance, why bother fighting for maternity leave and a social and economic system that fairly values female labor and female bodies? The Atlantic has a better solution for you. You being a rich, privileged woman, that is.

But let’s be real, is there any other kind?


This made me nod a lot. I think he’s really onto something about how the grotesque, cartoonish villainy that defines how we think about racism has made the daily, insidious racism we all participate in much harder to see and challenge.

Oh, and here is your Bach

Update: This!


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