Bold Claims: Soccer ed.

I’m super nervous watching the US-Guatemala game, and bummed that we’re in this position in the first place… I also don’t want to watch the debate.

In the meantime I’m going to take it upon myself to introduce a new feature: Bold Claims. The basic idea is something like this:

1) One of us makes a random bold claim

2) We use tongue-in-cheek evidence to support our assertion

3) Readers and other Babes try to knock it down

4) The original babe has to write an essay about the original topic. It must either support her original position, addressing all the (substantial) points made or may agree with the dissenters, but for a different reason. Snark permitted, and in no way does the bold claim or latter essay have to be something you actually believe.

Soccer is the most Catholic of all sports.



JP II We Love You!


One thought on “Bold Claims: Soccer ed.

  1. I don’t even understand how this works because my head hurts too much but FALSE.

    Basketball. Because that time I drove for a layup right through Meggie Maloney (5 ft 9 in terror of St. Margaret’s A team) was basically the same as St. Teresa’s ecstasy.

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