Toddler Poo

After spending an evening dealing with it, cleaning it up, and having to deal with its stench, I’ve come to an earth-shattering conclusion, folks:

The Catholic blogosphere is like toddler poo:

Run away in horror now, while you have the chance

It’s usually soft, warm and squishy, and normally isn’t that big of a deal or mess. While it is the remains of real, much more nourishing, sustenance, and thus it isn’t always pleasant, it’s also not horrible once you get used to it, and it can tell you a lot about the health and state of your toddler/blogger/Church. Is it tired, is it getting enough nutrition, is it getting sick, is it about to have a breakdown, does someone need a nap or time-out?

The toddler/blogger and people close to him/her are pretty proud of whatever the maker produces, but when you try to show anyone else what was made, pretty much everyone else just smiles and nods so that they can get away and you can think they’re actually proud of you.

Normally, it’s packaged well and is easy to clean up, or -even better- you can just flush it straight down the drain. Occasionally, however, there’s an accident, and stuff gets messy. Normally this is an honest mistake- a miscalculation by an innocent kid or someone just trying to get the hang of it all, and you really can’t be mad at the cute little innocent thing. But once in a while, they just decide to s*** on someone or something you really hold dear- like your brand-new, really pretty and flattering dress.*

Oh, and there’s a lot of it. Loads. You’re welcome for our adding to the mess.

*Nate, buddy- when you’re old enough to read this, consider yourself very, very lucky. 


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