Today in Catholic BS

If you say this: “For what on earth is the sexual act, if not an attempt to control the body of the beloved? This is obvious in the physical sense, as the lover tries to “control” the other’s body into experiencing ecstasy…”

I am going to guess you know nothing about the female orgasm outside your rapey faux Theology of the Body fantasies.

And if you say this: “Women’s sexuality is internal to their bodies. This means something.” I am going to guess you don’t know what a clitoris is.

So if you don’t want me to say this, especially you, dear virginal young Catholic men so eager to tell me what’s what on sex and gender, I suggest you just….stop.


9 thoughts on “Today in Catholic BS

  1. The poor boy, all hot and bothered with theology. Theology, for crying out loud! Problably the leat sexy subject along with trigonometry. Next thing you know, he’s blushing with the Summa, so, so ronery…

    • it’s not even decent theology! or philosophy! it’s completely nonsensical, which probably is what annoys me the most.

  2. Okay. I know I’m so late to this party, but WTF?

    And I’m equally infuriated by the “boys will be boys” responses I’m getting from Catholic women re: this post.

    • boys will be boys, but all the decent and virile men I know don’t need women to make excuses for them.

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  4. Can’t read the source. Just can’t. An admired-in-some-quarters Catholic writer whom I dated briefly before getting married sent me, when he learned I’d gotten engaged, some photos of a Russian dominatrix, along with the message that she reminded him of me. (The photos WEREN’T naked, for which I suppose I should have been grateful.) Later on, on the eve of my dissertation defense, he tore me down most viciously for being a bad wife, mother, Catholic, and musician (though — knowing my singing — he’d asked me to sing at his father’s wake and funeral, which I did for free, in spite of the fact that I had to take breaks to vomit from morning sickness), and said he’d have nothing more to do with me because I was a spiritually negative influence on him. By that point we hadn’t seen each other in a few years and our “friendship” was limited to the occasional email.

    All this to say that the rapey-faux-TOB-conservadox Catholic man is out there, and may even be legion; that he is blogging, and that he is influencing some of his co-religionists whose masculinity, like his, is shakily established. And that I’m not sure if he should be censured or ignored.

    • I am so, so sorry that that happened to you.
      As for censuring or ignorance- I’m not sure. I just wish that if we ignored them, they would go away. Or at least have someone lovingly give them a smack over the head.

    • The line that works for me is if they are kind of weird fringe phenomenons or people obviously typing from their mothers basement, I ignore.

      But when all my friends start sharing their articles on facebook as the new face of Catholicism, I’m usually goaded into saying something.

      Also, what is it with these guys and the dominatrices?

  5. I am a Catholic Male/Husband/Father of a son and daughter…, and though I generally have found the quoted author’s blog interesting, I think this post was astonishingly off and I agree with you. How in the hell in ANY sense does love demand a “War on Women?” — I am no prude and function in the real world as a physician — I see absolutely nothing helpful spiritually or morally in this post; especially as a father trying to raise a good boy becoming a good man. The quote “erotic love demands a war on women” is completely, horribly wrong. Marc you will look back on this post one day and regret this on…but we all make mistakes..

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