Twenty-something Cultural Angst

Or: Addie rambles about her realizations working in the white-collar world

After moving into a new city and doing the whole non-profit thing for a few months (and therefore dropping off the map of the blogosphere-again) I think I can say I’m really not cut out for it- and I’m not really sure it’s good for society.

Now don’t get me wrong- I like my armchair theology and complaining about the culture as much as anyone else. But I’m wondering- what good is it all this complaining if we’re not forming a positive image of what the world ought to be? Some cultural projects do this- or at least get close to bringing part of the picture into focus: First Things, Fare Forward, and several other Catholic blogs come to mind.

The problem for this young, disillusioned woman is that most of the think tank sort of jobs are just not serving anything- or at least the good they serve is a vague idea. I’m not saying they’re wrong- and I think that they do a lot of critique that is necessary, because let’s face it- our culture is pretty damn screwy and unless someone speaks up and changes things, it’s going to hell in a handbasket.

I’m not quite willing to say there’s a problem with the system, because my job right now has me dealing with the nutters ALL THE TIME, and I can only imagine how much worse the nutters might be if there wasn’t a moderating force. Still, I wonder if we might be better off if some of us got out of our fat cushy armchairs and just served people: get your catechisis, get your education, and actually go do things. If you want to stop abortion- go set up a clinic. If you want to stop liturgical abuse, get involved on your parish or diocesan council. Blah blah blah. And yes- I know people already do this,  but is it more than those who just talk about it? Then again, this may all just be me realizing that I don’t have the personality type that can endure constant cultural commentary.

Looking forward, I don’t expect my next job to be amazing. I don’t expect it to be my life’s work, or to change the world. What I do expect is it for it to be doing something for someone besides myself, and for it to be helping me and my fiance.

Oh yeah, that’s the other problem- my job still doesn’t really pay.


3 thoughts on “Twenty-something Cultural Angst

  1. If the post below this one is any indication, you’re definitely cut out for an illustrious career as a catholic humor-blogger.

    I’m not sure that it’s very lucrative, but I am convinced it makes the world a better place.

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