The Movietrailer

Why are the three books angsty teenagers everywhere cite as their sacred texts all going celluloid at the same time? Can the world handle all this tender breathlessness, or will it make like a fabulous roman candle and explode like spiders across the sky?



Sorry, Orlando, but the American accent didn’t work in Elizabethtown (although really, what did?), and it isn’t working here.



Same goes for you, Emma, although because I like you a lot you get points for trying.



I would just like the record to show that Baz Luhrmann is possibly the last man I would have picked to direct this movie.


Ok, moving from angst to passionate, deranged ghostyness.



This might actually be ok? I like how silent the trailer is.


Not sure what to make of this one yet,



except that I used to have those overalls and want them back.


And finally (sensitive viewers, skip this one):



I’m glad that this avoids a Pretty Woman narrative in favor of two women building a business and a friendship. Brownie points.

BUT I am getting prettttty fed up with this whole “sex work is so boho-chic and empowering as long as it takes place in a completely non-threatening white middle class millieu!” trope. More on this later.

Ok, that’s all, folks. Any interesting coming-soons that I missed?


Update: OH WAIT. We should sneak a bottle of whiskey into the theater and go see this.



This is exactly the kind of movie they invented brown paper bags for.



4 thoughts on “The Movietrailer

  1. One major drawback of my current location is that very few indie/artsy movies make it out here. Hopefully I’ll be able to see Wuthering Heights, though. I probably won’t see Gatsby since it looks a bit like glorified p***. Little Birds could be interesting as long as it’s about something–hard to tell from the trailer.

    And I’ve said it before and will say it again…Elizabethtown is a great movie!

    British guys who make American accent look good: James McAvoy in Penelope.

    • Whaaa? Explain to me what I missed about that movie? What charmed you?

      And I love James MacAvoy, and Penelope in general.

    • The question is, are you allowed to drink anything out of them that is not
      a) blush wine
      b) three parts simple syrup
      c) something that comes in a bottle with shoe on it

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