Quick and Random

I love Betty Duffy.

This is amazing. Oh Naomi, how are the mighty fallen. You should have quit while you were ahead in the days of your Beauty Myth glory.

Uhh, not sure how I feel about linking Taylor Swift to Dolly Parton. Ok, I am sure, and I don’t like it. Speaking of which, can we watch this video?


As William put it, “it’s like the Pinterest version of German Expressionism.”

I will not lie, I love me a good Katie Roiphe takedown.

“In Praise of Messy Lives underscores that, though a nimble writer, she simply hasn’t bothered to expand her perspective much beyond herself and her immediate circle of similarly employed, respectably moneyed, self-consciously bohemian friends and colleagues.”

Worth a read.

This made my day a week or so back.

Jane overload

Are you reading this blog yet?

 xx album

I love this piece

I forget to do trigger warnings most of the time; I think they have a place though, not so much for survivors in general but for people who are in the throes of PTSD specifically.

Leah Libresco speaks up for Jen McCreight

Make sure you read her required reading at the bottom. I’ve only ever gotten threats and insults from angry misogynists in person, so you know, I count myself lucky. This is a very safe private corner of the internet, but not everyone else is so sheltered by obscurity.

More on women and their bodies

The “you are beautiful, love your body” talk has always grated on me a little, in part because it presumes that women don’t want primarily a deeper knowledge of their bodies, greater respect for the work their bodies do, better health for their bodies, more freedom with which to move their bodies and simply be human, but mainly a gentler way of looking at their bodies.

And here. Just because my my friend liked me enough to drop these in my lap, and I like you enough to drop them in yours. Notice the Simone Weil shout out.

Update: ALSO this is so awesome.


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