Basically a Heap of Awful

Sign this?

I have scant faith in the efficacy of these petitions, but this is awful.

Speaking of awful, this is disgusting.

A response here

Something good. This is an industry overwhelmingly composed of women,  often women with families to support, and they are the first to disappear in the having-it-all dithering. Via Politico.

Ok, back to the awful. Via Feministing, I think?

But at least we don’t live with this guy?

On the other hand

Oh please. There are less embarrassing ways to raise circulation.

Because we need a break. I’ve only ever tried coral, but it worked out really well.  As do these, if you’re looking for something more natural.

This is maybe awful only for me.

Critics and lady writers

Despite all my delightful schadenfreude, I would like to see a lot more about

“the way we talk about age and gender is fucked up”

and a lot less “Oh noez, what if I can’t produce a perfect child? Is my fertility losing its MARKET VALUE?”

Back to the awful

Via William I think, crime and punishment

Read this just for this line:

“Women are entitled to their choices, of course….but isn’t it awfully convenient that we never question the institutions of power that happen to arrange themselves in such a way that women have little real choice about breastfeeding?”

This applies to a whole lot of other things, I think.

This made me sad, but is an excellent excuse to post this

And that, my friends, is all I have stomach for at present. If you want a palate cleanser, Cat Power’s new album is pretty cool.


2 thoughts on “Basically a Heap of Awful

  1. Sh*t, sometimes the world just sucks. Thanks be to God for the muppets.
    I find amazing how different our countries are and, at the same time, how similar is the gender issue.
    Sometimes I think that the way we treat eachother due to our gender is a reflexion of the original sin. It’s the only explanation I have for this universal suckitude, spread across time and space.
    And now I’m sad, so I’m gonna watch more Muppet Show on youtube.

  2. Let me comment on the most ephemeral point here:

    I really wish I had it in me to leave the house in bold lipstick. Heck, I wish I could leave the house in any makeup, most of the time. But I have this fair, unexciting complexion on which any makeup but the most subtle stands out, screaming, “Look! I’m wearing makeup, dammit!” I know one just has to brazen it out, but that takes more skill in application than I have. One day I’m going to hire someone who knows how to put the stuff on, and go out with that cute Zoe Deschanel eye look. This is what comes of being the oldest sister — no one ever showed me how to apply eye liner.

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