Because I’m Tired and Cranky

You can talk about bikinis. I’m not saying you can’t talk about bikinis. There are probably some interesting things to be said about bikinis.

But shut. the eff. up. about:

a) Why you don’t wear a bikini

b) Why it was really hard, because you were really hot in a bikini

c) Why you’re still really hot, but now totally focused on God’s will (and kind of classy too) and everything’s been like, so blessed since you stopped.

d)Why really, you’re not judging girls who wear bikinis! Really!

e) I mean, if they want to be objectified, that’s fine.

f) Why it’s really hard for Our Brothers in Christ, and how all the Good Men out there will reward you with love and respect!

g) As long as you dress the way they want.

But otherwise, go ahead and talk about bikinis.


8 thoughts on “Because I’m Tired and Cranky

  1. Did that same smug “I’m so precious” blog post show up in your news feed too? Ugh. And even if not…ugh. And I kind of a bought a cute two-piece bathing suit because I’m just so fed up with it all.

  2. Girlfriend, who have you been reading? When I come across a post juxtaposing “bikini” and “Our Brothers in Christ”, I automatically tune out — unless, of course, it’s written by you.

    • Sometimes I feel like it’s all the Catholics in my age bracket. There’s this assumption that if you’re a young Catholic woman interested in the world, you’re definitely not wearing bikinis, and you should be interested in evangelizing about their dangers.

      Luckily, I have every expectation that this subculture and its problems will just evaporate into the trail of dust behind me once I get my first assignment reporting from Syria, or have a bunch of kids of my own.

  3. My new roommate has banned me from following any Catholic blog discussions that touch on any combination of: bikinis, chapel veils, and pants/skirts. She’s a recent convert and her eyes almost come out of her head when I read her some of the comments on some of the ‘discussions’.

    So you see, I’d really like to comment, but I can’t.

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