Angry Songs

So eventually, you stop convulsing  that unused storage closet with sobs and feeling sort of crumbly and bruised, and, if it was a certain kind of thing that may you cry, your tears slowly become tears of rage. Now you’re ready to throw some furniture around, confront some bad guys, maybe go a little berserk in your room. Well, no fear. I have you covered.

Here is your angry playlist. DS, if you are reading, do not listen to any of these songs. They will make you cry.

Ok, I know there are vast unexplored wastes of Fiona Apple and Le Tigre left out, but we have to stop somewhere.


1. Yes, I have a lot of experience with angry music, but this is fine, because Simcha Fisher tells us that emotions are neither a lady thing nor a bad thing (not that there’s any difference for some people), and she’s like, the Catholic Oprah or something.

2. Yes, this list does  reveal an inordinate 70s punk and riot grrrl influence. Duly noted. Now go away.

3. Related: during senior year Latin I was so struck by the Dido-Aeneas debacle that I felt compelled to make a soundtrack for the wronged queen and share it with the class (as I said, it was a Latin class, so this was considered a really cool thing to do). My delight in that mix CD with DIDO LIVE FOREVER scrawled across it in purple marker has only slightly diminished with the discovery that Henry Purcell already wrote a whole opera on the theme.


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