Morning Linkage

Interesting thoughts on the culture war.

One brave lady.

Have I ever mentioned my thesis adviser defended her dissertation hours before giving birth?

I’m so glad they brought this to court.

Read this.

Lest we pat ourselves on the back for not having this, let’s remember that we have plenty of this. And this.

I feel like when the Times says “Complex Emotions” they mean “We really tried to find someone to say they hated her, but couldn’t.”

Or maybe I am just a ball of paranoiac snark. In any case, it would be cool to do a road trip pilgrimage one summer to the shrines of all the North American saints. We could write a book about it and call it On the Rosary.

A friend of mine wrote this, and it’s awesome.


Update: some good news for once. 

This lady sounds, in a weird way, kind of awesome.


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