Links Roundup

Like Woody’s Roundup, see, except I get to be Jessie.

Well, this is an interesting take on the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope that has plagued womankind (buy me a beer and I will tell you the stories) since…actually I don’t know when this started. Prize for whoever who can find the earliest instance of the MPDG in print, film, or mythology.


Yes yes yes

What. Is this.

I really think there should be a line of liquor called Feminine Spirits. Having some on hand would certainly help me deal this kind of thing better.

Against the literary.

This essay comes close to nailing what I have been inarticulately fumbling to express to my cultured friends for ages.

One of the reasons I distrust garden-variety self-styled progressives is that so many of them have been so unwilling to call Obama out on this.

This is so wrong.

Seriously?? You interview one of the most accomplished media personalities ever to grace NPR, and you ask her

a) Whether she wanted children

b) Whether she’s a lesbian

and c) How she feels about people wanting to screw her.

You stay classy, Andrew Goldman.

I’m not sure “swagger” and the hyper-aggressive pursuit of profits are good traits in anyone, man or woman–but as long as our current economic structure rewards these behaviors, it’s really frustrating that ladies aren’t allowed to exhibit them. Businesswomen, take note.

Fairy tales!

I wish Amy Poehler would give me advice.

This is a BIG DEAL. Oh yes, it is. Just you wait.

If you are anything like me, you were a little dismayed to hear that Catwoman would be played by someone who’s career high, I firmly maintain, is still The Princess Diaries. “Why?” you asked. “Why would they pick someone who exudes all the charged, smoldering danger of a bunny rabbit? Have we forgotten the sad travesty that was Becoming Jane? Were all your other femme fatales busy? Did Penelope Cruz have a lunch date that day?” Well, I was wrong, and so are you. Anne Hathaway is, against all odds, fantastic. She nails the role and steals the show, and never has eating my words been more enjoyable.

Of course, that does not excuse this.


Bracketing the total ruination this movie seems poised to wreak on the novel, Keira Knightley? I get it. She’s everyone’s go-to period piece actress, looks great in a corset, etc. But Anna is supposed to be this gorgeous, warm, full-bodied creature of passion and tenderness, not some starveling waif obsessed with the sharp angles own jawline.  Kate Winslet should be playing this role. Ugh.

And, of course, RIP Sally Ride.




3 thoughts on “Links Roundup

  1. Keira Knightley does not look great in a corset. She has NO CURVES. Corsetry is about beautiful undulating lines, creating them if necessary, but here there is no essential matter to work upon. Girl has no bust.

    Kate Winslet, yes and yes.

    • I stand corrected. Keira Knightely does NOT look good in a corset.

      I have a figure the charitable describe as “boyish,” so I will stand up for the attractions of bustless wonders everywhere. And it’s not like Knightley’s body type is a hindrance in general–in Atonement she physically took her character right off the page.

      But for Anna Karenina? Did they just not read the book? Do they just assume skinnier=more attractive? Do they just think we’re stupid?

      We may never know.

      And I really wish she would stop pouting at the camera,

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