Sad Songs

Because sometimes you just need a good cry, right?  I am a firm believer in the time-honored ritual of locking yourself in your favorite unused storage closet, thrashing out several good hard sobs, and emerging ready to freshen up and resume necessary ass-kicking. So here is a soundtrack for the next time you do that. You’re welcome.

NB: I know my taste leans heavily towards the grey, grizzled, and acoustic. Christine, William Randolph, anyone else–please feel free to supply my deficiencies.


4 thoughts on “Sad Songs

    • Yup.

      Also, my blog has taken revenge on your blog by randomly putting some of your comments in spam. Sorry about that.

  1. Maybe that’s the trick, using sad songs to get the tears out rather than just wallowing, which is what I did for about a decade. Anyway, some lists:

    Two somewhat vague sad songs with evocative videos:

    damien jurado – museum of flight

    magnolia electric company – a little at a time

    Two sad songs about tawdry adultery, which makes me sad more through empathy than through any personal connection:

    damien jurado – what were the chances

    the prayers and tears – sad lives of the hollywood lovers

    Two songs I would have put on this list in 2003:

    desaparacidos – man and wife, the latter

    cursive – the recluse

    A song that made me cry at a church conference when I was a kid:

    harry chapin – cat’s in the cradle

    A song that kind of ruins me even though part of it I understand is the chorus:

    nina simone – ne me quitte pas

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