All That Needs to be Said on “50 Shades”

I was going to write a full post on it, but seeing as I have not read the overhyped Twilight fanfiction book, I think I’ll let it speak for itself.

(Warning: the second video contains words pertaining to the female anatomy, and honestly gets old after about oh, 30 seconds. If you think it would be offensive or dangerous to your soul, by all means don’t watch. However, the first clip is a wonderfully tasteful rendition. I do think that they both highlight the absurdity and pathetic reality that something so base and crude and horribly, horribly written is a best-seller and turn-on. But that’s just me.)


3 thoughts on “All That Needs to be Said on “50 Shades”

  1. Addie…why would you ever post that video? Now I’m hot and bothered and it’s all. your. fault.

    Why don’t you just change your name To Temptress McSexfiend?
    (Or Temptrix…I feel like that should by the comparative form of temptress.)

    Anyway, this is why we can’t have a nice Catholic blog.

  2. It’s even worse when English isn’t your birth language. I don’t want to see this in portuguese. Unless Ellen decides to do the brazilian version as well.
    Keep the good work, ladies.
    A fan from the south hemisphere.

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