Links from Last Week (ish)

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Accommodating pregnancy in the workplace, and other crazy ideas.

Sexual Objectification, Part 4

Read the whole series.

Yes, asshats everywhere, rape jokes can be funny.

Yours just wasn’t.

Are you serious?

Mrs. Darwin knocks it out of the park

on fantasy and romance novels.

Most of my thoughts on having it all

Why do women need to have it all? Why can’t we choose something that we really want and miss out on other things (how many men think they have to be Harvey Homemaker and Sylvester CEO)? Why do our lives need to be perfect for our choices to be valid?

A Review of Welcome Wagon

Has anyone else read and loved Neil Gaiman?

He cites Chesterton as an influence, funnily enough.

ATTN: You are currently reading a ladyblog.

Like, so meta.


made me think of


I am so sorry.

Immigration is a family issue

Mass incarceration is becoming everyone’s problem,

thank the Lord.

Also, since it was just Bastille Day, here is a present for you.

You are welcome. Happy Monday!


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