I try to tell people the right doesn’t hate women….

But sometimes there is only so much you can do.

“A major, underlying problem with VAWA is that the bill lacks appropriate focus.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified approximately 30 causes of domestic violence. From this, we know the factors that lead to violence in the home.  Those factors are a complete mismatch with the provisions of VAWA. Domestic violence is a problem that stems from problems in relationships, psychological or social maladjustment, anger, alcoholism, and substance abuse.  VAWA is all about restraining orders, arrests, prosecution, batterer intervention programs, fostering false allegations, re-educating judges in feminist ideology and biases, and law enforcement training that have been shown to increase, rather than decrease violence.  The vast VAWA bureaucracy is a full-employment entity for feminist lawyers and social workers and a boondoggle for feminist organizations who assume that all men are prone to violence and that any accusation a woman makes is fully truthful without question – any skeptic is labeled “anti-women.” ‘

From the website of “Concerned Women for America,” which I am not going to dignify by linking to.

Yes,  what a silly bill that focuses on arrests, prosecution, batterer intervention programs–you know, actually getting women out of danger–when it could instead help the poor socially maladjusted abusers deal with their anger issues. Those malicious feminists–actually taking the claims of victims seriously, when we all know those bitches are just out to persecute the sainted bourgeoisie male.  Next you’ll be telling me that rape isn’t preventable by wearing a longer skirt.

Luckily, we now have a toothless  house version of the Violence Against Women Act, and can sleep soundly knowing that undocumented women won’t be leeching up the protections only real upstanding American women would be entitled to, were women actually entitled to protection from domestic abuse.

Seriously though–tell me you want to coerce my Church into choosing between her responsibilities to social justice and sexual ethics, and I will knock you into next week and spend your lunch money on a new rosary. (Can you tell how much I care about civil political discourse?) As to the rest, however, I’m becoming increasingly unsympathetic to conservative insistence that the war on women is entirely a feminist invention.

There is, of course, the very real possibility that everyone has just been  listening to this song way, way too much


6 thoughts on “I try to tell people the right doesn’t hate women….

    • If we’re actually going to do a disturbing song roundup, let’s really do it.

    • So she catched up the rolling pin/and went to work on my head/until she bashed it in.

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