Scattershot Recs


I don’t know how I haven’t gotten around to mentioning this, but if you can, go see The Kid With a Bike. It’s a beautiful film, full of undemonstrative ache and unsentimental faith in goodness. The threads of Christianity laced through it have people making Bresson comparisons, and it’s true–but in particular, this seems to me an overwhelmingly Marian film, both in narrative and imagery.

“Full of grace–” that title might be the only one that wholly captures the Mother of God, and I keep coming back to it with Cyril’s foster mother. A fullness and completeness that does not draw attention to itself, that resists attempts to parcel or categorize, that pours out without being depleted and accepts piercing without being rent, that is simply itself, and good.

Anyway, see it if you can. It might still be playing in limited release.

In other and unrelated news, alt-country, folk, and rockabilly  seems to be making a revival, or bringing forth new pastiche genres.



This can only be good.

Also, why isn’t my name Tamar Korn?


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