You know what’s one of my least favorite sexist tricks (aside from all of them, I mean)? The division of every single thing in life into not-so-arbitrary pink and blue gender boxes. Actually, if it were arbitrary, it might be kind of fun, but the way it usually works is that all the good stuff goes in the blue box, and women get stuck with the refuse, the remainder, the dyed pink and sugar coated offal. So, men get to have opinions and clothes cut for human beings and baseball and ambitions and, I don’t know, orgasms, and women get tiny bodycon skirts and sweetness and You Go Gurrrlfraaand!

And if you dare to mosey over to the blue box and start helping yourself–how agressive! How masculine! How transgressive.  The benign chauvinists will pat you on the head for being different from other girls, almost as good a boy, and the conservative trolls will shake their heads and sigh. How sad, they will say, that feminists are so afraid of femininity and the magic of womanhood.  How desperately they want to be men.

Umm no. I really don’t want to be a man at all. I just want some of the cool stuff that the world seems to think is the male birthright.

Nowhere is this more apparent and nowhere is this more pernicious than with alcohol. Don Draper has scotch for lunch, and what do women get?


And this.

And then there are the cosmos and the chocolate martinis and the vodka-and-stevias (Ok, I made that one up), which have, I am afraid, mostly spooked me off cockatils. If I’m not drinking beer, I’m usually drinking something amber in a shot glass or tumbler–sure, sometimes I’ll suddenly realize that my drinking habits are acceptable for neither the company nor the venue, and I’ll have what he’s having, but my heart’s not in it. I realize though, that this is an irrational fear, and that I need to get over it if I want to become an elegant and savvy woman who occasionally says witty things over sophisticated drinks.

This  (courtesy of JOB over at Korrektiv) seems like something of a start. But only a start. Maybe we can compile a Cocktails for Grownups list and make a page for it–anyone care to share any favorites?


8 thoughts on “Cocktails!

  1. Re ‘pink and blue’ — Have you read Dorian Speed on ‘Lego for girls’?

    Re cocktails for grownups — I’m a neophyte, too, but can recommend the Gimlet, Old-Fashioned, Bénédictine and Brandy, and Moscow Mule.

    Chartreuse liqueur has enough harmonious-but-distinct flavors that it’s practically a cocktail right out of the bottle (though Joseph O’Brien has sampled and praised a Chartreuse cocktail called ‘The Last Word’). And you help support the Carthusians with every bottle you buy.

  2. The Lego for girls post is fantastic. Now I’m going to be reading through her archives for hours.

    I’ve had chartreuse once–we put it in scooped out lemon halves and it was excellent. Gin and tonic has always seemed like the summeriest of summer drinks to me–I always feel like I’m in The Great Gatsby. Speaking of which, I think choosing good cocktails to make is very tied with hospitality as a craft–not only providing the raw material for fun, but crafting a distinct mood and experience and aesthetic within the parameters of your event. This is one of the reasons I’m so eager develop some kind of taste in drinks

  3. Margaritas are also good summery drinks, and are perfectly respectable cocktails if you ignore the current foofyness surrounding them. I like ’em because I live in Texas, and it’s HOT here.
    For a pitcher, I use 1 cup lime juice, 1/2 cup simple syrup (you can adjust the proportions of juice and sweetener in the 1 1/2 cups limeaid to your taste, this is just what I use), 1 cup silver* tequila, 1/2 cup triple sec. Serve them on the rocks, or you can add a cup of water, chill it thoroughly, and then run it through a home ice cream maker (~30 minutes) for frozen.

    * The tequila guy** at the liquor store told me that he picks his tequila to match the other liquor being added. A silver tequila to match a clear liquor like triple sec, but a reposado tequila to match something darker like brandy.

    ** Tequila guy was so excited about the idea of frozen margeritas in a home ice cream maker he asked me to come back and tell him how it worked. And then he was even more excited when I actually did come back.

  4. …On the issue of girly drinks… I think this is just one more effect of living in a emotionally stunted society. More and more traditionally mixed sex adult interactions can now be characterized by the old secret clubhouse expression “no girls allowed”.

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