Girls on Film

NB: You probably shouldn’t watch these trailers if you are an adolescent or kind of horny.


I don’t know how good these films are (I have great hopes for Turn Me On, although I might just be suckered by the nordic-cool millieu), but they seem interested in the lives and coming-of-age of girls–real, weird, oversexed, underdeveloped girls, not knowing, pouty-sweet Selena Gomez clones. So that’s something.


4 thoughts on “Girls on Film

  1. Putting a warning disclaimer doesn’t let you off the hook for posting porn, and when a video shows a young girl masturbating herself, it’s porn. Sorry, but no Catholic should be looking at that, have that image in their mind, or post it. Remember, that girl is really doing it, it’s not like acting in a scene with violence, where the blood is fake, she’s really rubbing her genitals and that’s seriously harmful to her soul. And everyone else’s who watches stuff like that.

    • So, you know this girl is really, seriously, rubbing her genitals and there’s no way she’s simulating it? You must have been watching that scene much more carefully than I was. Catholics need to know themselves and know when they have to turn away from sexual scenes–even scenes that have artistic merit or would not be arousing for others. That particular clip was not in the least erotically stimulating for me–it showed me both the vulnerability of unrestrained desire and the banality of its easy satisfaction. It led me away from sin by showing me the truth. If you interpreted it or perceived it differently, that’s fine, but no one made you read this blog. You are welcome to start your own, with a complete list of all the things no Catholic should do, see, or post.

  2. Yes, I’ve been on enough movie sets to know that what that director is telling her isn’t good for her soul. How do you think she was expected to research that scene? Violence is highly choreographed; there’s nothing fake about her hand down her panties.

    So it led you away from sin, but what about that girl?

    Answer yourself this question: if all things were equal, and it was your daughter-the-actress who got this role, would you be glad for her? Would you be happy that she’d be photographed masturbating…even if she assured you it was completely faked? Knowing that if the acting thing didn’t pan out those clips/pictures would be on her IMDB forever? That all potential boyfriends, employers, her own future children, would see what she did for the entire world, for money? Is it a positive, virtuous thing? Would you still post that video on your blog? Would you be at all ashamed? Or proud? Does scandal matter for Catholics? Does caring about the good of the other matter?

    Considering your inability to handle criticism, it’s no wonder your comboxes are pretty empty. And since I was invited to leave, subtract one more.

    • If my daughter were an actress and made took a challenging role that involved her simulating masturbation as part of a worthwhile film, no, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I’d be proud of her.

      You have no idea if this girl is rubbing her genitals or pretending to, you have no idea how the role changed her–I can see a role like that being quite salutary, actually.

      The point is, neither of us know what’s going on in that girl’s soul, so I try to stick to the merits of her work. And this looks like an honest and sensitive portrayal of adolescent female desire, with some interesting things to say about isolation, reprisal, and the loneliness of lust. If you want to disagree with me on that and offer a critique of trailer as film, fine. But the only thing you’ve done so far is make a lot of assumptions about what’s going in other people’s souls, and a few prescriptions on what Catholics who aren’t you must and must not think or do.

      You are welcome to leave, you are welcome to stay. Just know that hyperbolic accusations of posting pornography aren’t really going to be taken seriously here.

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