The more things change,

The more things change,

the more they stay the same.

Note also that Mormons and socialists seem to share feminist responsibility for the destruction of civilization.


2 thoughts on “The more things change,

  1. It pains Us to agree with Women’s Associations of any kind. But given that the alternatives are Socialists, Wobblies, and Mormons, We have no choice but to cast in Our lot with Mrs. John Balch and Mrs. Charles P. Strong.

    We are, by the way, entitled to comment here, since We do not know you, and are not your friend.

  2. We are honored that such a distinguished and awful personage has momentarily ceased listening to the tortured groans of unrepentant heretics and hoofing it with the Sisters of Synchronized Swimming in order to comment on our humble and unworthy blog.

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