All Hail St. Hildy!

All Hail St. Hildy!

Hildegard von Bingen, earliest known composer of sacred music, prophet, visionary, scientist, theologian, preacher, prioress, and who knows what else, was canonized today as a saint of the Roman Catholic church.

She was ferociously and radically united to the Church–a “hammerer of heretics,” as one friend of mine calls her. She was also ferociously and radically committed to the right and the just, and, by all accounts, cowed by absolutely nothing and no one. She was a model of both Christian obedience and proto-feminist courage, and if I hadn’t already been confirmed nine years ago and taken Margaret of Clitherow  (who you should also definitely read up on) as my name-saint, I would be on that like buttercream on a cupcake.

As it is, I nominate her as patroness of this blog. Any objections?


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