Oops, I Did It Again

I played with your heart, I lost in that game. Oh baby baby.

But seriously, I did that thing again where I put a post up and had to take it down an hour later. It’ll be back tomorrow though, and you’ll see why!

In the meantime, I offer this as propitiation to the blog gods.

Recipe for happiness (infinitely adaptable and easy) :

Make a batch of your favorite kind of chocolate chip cookie dough. Press into and up around the edges of pie pan. Bake, cool.  Melt chocolate and pour into cookie-crust. Chill for 20 or so minutes so it makes a shell. Fill shell with layer of strawberries, then ice-cream, then more chocolate, then whipped cream. Proceed to nom.

And this.


My cousin and I used to try to recreate this choreography in her bedroom. Somehow it was never quite the same.



3 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again

  1. The post never reappeared nor did an explanation of why it had to be taken down! I don’t need explanations really, I just want the article back up.

    I sent the link to several people…I’d love if they eventually got to read it. Also, it had some straight up sense in it,and I love to be able to return to and refer to that kinda thing again and again 😉

    • And it turns out I’m an idiot. Found it again, with explanation. Please ignore above.

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