Oh Get Real

Someone wants to know “Where are the normal Christians?”

“As a practicing Catholic, I have lived my entire adult life being skeptical, questioning and critical of the backward policies of my institution, and the horrific crimes committed by its members and perpetuated by its authorities. These days, I figure most people associate my religion with child molesters and Rick Santorum. But I have stuck with my faith – albeit a very different one than the traditional image of some papal ring-kissing, birth control-hating freak that tends to get more attention — because the values I learned directly from a Christian upbringing are the values I still try to apply to my life every day. And if you, as either a conservative Christian or a staunch nonbeliever, think that’s easy, it isn’t. It’s a struggle. But it’s an often wonderful struggle.”

Well move on over, Perpetua, there’s a new martyr in town.

Has it ever entered this woman’s hyper-enlightened brain that some of those papal-ring kissing, birth-control hating freaks that she is sooo unlike (but still, charitably, forbearingly, graciously engages in “politcal discourse”) might have articulated and coherent ideas behind their whackjob lifestyles and political postitions? Is she aware at all of the cringeing, sneering, sucking-up to power and respectability implicit in the phrase ” papal-ring kissing, birth-control hating freaks?”

No, of course not. Because she really isn’t interested in being a rebel. She just wants to be normal. She just wants to be liked. Listen, lady: if you’re going sell your soul and publicly jeer at your co-religionists for not thinking exactly like you and your friends, come out of it as something more interesting than a walking, talking, self-congratulating cliche.

Not that you’d be interested in talking to me, but I’ll be hanging out with this guy.


3 thoughts on “Oh Get Real

  1. Great post–I too feel quite tired of the crowd of rebellious conformity. I like how she claims the heroic stance of lukewarmity at the end of the excerpt, combined with the finger wagging, “if you think that’s easy.” Well, yes, yes it is easy, actually. I do think that.

  2. wow-fabulous! I feel like saying these exact words at least once a week! If you don’t like what the Catholic Church really teaches, then theres the door honey! I guess because being a faithful Catholic these days is so easy that there’s so many of us eh?

  3. Yes–to be honest, my real problem isn’t that she’s in dissent, but that she publicly mocked as “freaks” fellow Catholics who actually live the really unpopular parts of being Catholic, and then *went on about how brave she was for it.* I’ve had really fruitful exchange with dissenting Catholics of real insight, but they’re never patting themselves on the back quite so hard.

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