Not Your Grandma’s Little Red

This short film is quite disturbing, but I think very true to the undertones of the original story. It’s not a revisionist fairy tale so much as a reworked one.

This is a Little Red at once primal and modern, and I think there is something very resonant in her discovering that the wolf has devoured her grandmother only after she has killed him herself.

Fairy tales retain their power in spite of, or because of, endless critiques and revisions– even the Disneyfied niced-up versions have some  kick. I think it would be interesting to compare these with their Grimmer and gorier grandmothers, so you may shortly be watching a lot of Thumbelina  videos.

Also, the names of Red’s creators sound Spanish, which makes sense to me. Has anyone seen Pan’s Labyrinth?

Via The Hairpin


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