I really like this picture

Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed, climbingBehold, Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed.

In 1907, she became the first president of the Ladies Alpine Club. She wrote seven books on mountain climbing and over her lifetime climbed twenty peaks that no one had climbed before. Under the name Mrs. Aubrey Le Blond she made at least 10 films of alpine activities in the Engadine Valley of Switzerland, including ice hockey at St. Moritz and tobogganing on the Cresta Run. She is probably among the world’s first three female film-makers, after Alice Guy and contemporary with Laura Bayley.

The more you know!


It’s an eyecatching combination of  angle, posture, and bustle.  She cuts quite a stately figure in such an unexpected place.

(thanks, TS)


2 thoughts on “I really like this picture

  1. Also, I never did Girl Scouts, and I still feel left out.

    Also also, being home sick and having nothing to do but comment on blogs all day makes me feel like an internet celebrity.

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