Studio Ghibli

So, there was a post up here for about an hour that I had to temporarily remove for reasons which I shall someday explain. Either way, it’ll be back eventually. I know. To quote Syndrome, lame, lame, lame, lame lame.

So let’s talk about Hayao Miyzaki instead. I’ve known for a while that the Japanese director is a role model for the geniuses at Pixar and generally regarded as one of the most talented living animators and storytellers, but I’ve still been chary about seeing his films. For me, fair or not, “Japanese animation” conjures up pale men in dark rooms sweating to anime porn.

But a few weeks ago, my mom rented Howl’s Moving Castle for the little kids, and I was charmed. Everything about the film was delightful, from the slight sweet romance to the exquisite animation. I didn’t mind the chaotic plot, and even the slightly morbid strangeness that seems a constant in anime didn’t put me off–it was tempered by the loveliness, and was perhaps inextricable from it.

I would absolutely love to see what Studio Ghibli could do with a George MacDonald fairy tale. Till then, I want to watch all of Miyazaki’s movies…film fest anyone?


2 thoughts on “Studio Ghibli

  1. I love the *book* Howl’s Moving Castle –in fact, just about everything by Diana Wynne Jones is perfection. The movie does odd things to the plot, but adds miracles in the way of imagery. And even the dubbing is great.

    But oh, Miyazaki. I first saw My Neighbor Totoro in 5th grade Japanese class (yes, I know), and fell in love. Absolutely, madly in love. Everything was just so strange and funny and beautiful. There was a period of my life in which I read a fair amount of manga, and Studio Ghibli definitely had something to do with it.

    My favorite Miyazaki is probably Kiki’s Delivery Service, which I think is one of his most accessible. I haven’t seen them all, though — they’re on my list.

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