Celebrate Female Empowerment by Becoming a Sugar Baby

“Sugar Daddy Website Celebrates Women’s Month with an Empowering 2-For-1 Sugar Baby Offer

March is the National Women’s Month in the United States and the United Kingdom. This year, the focus of the National Women’s History Month will be on “Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment”. As the only Sugar Daddy dating website that encourages Women’s Education and Women’s Empowerment through their dating relationships, SeekingArrangement.com is celebrating this year’s Women’s History Month by offering all female members 2-for-1 discounts on any Sugar Baby or Sugar Mommy membership package.”

This is right up there with the argument that strippers and burlesque dancers* are empowered because they’re owning their feminity and sexuality.  Oh wait.  They are?


*What makes burlesque dancers classier than strippers? Is there something I’m missing? The only difference I can see is that burlesque is what it’s called when it’s done by chic alt-grrrls and involves better costumes.


5 thoughts on “Empowerment!

  1. Lollerskates. I’m so glad you spend as much time on Jezebel as I do.

    I don’t think it’s anything but a class difference, unless there’s a strain of burlesque where the nudity is more camp and comedic than sexual?

    I also love it when boys talk about how empowering blowjobs are for girls. Wow, who’da thunk my my liberation depends on your orgasm! Thanks for letting me know!

    • I actually kind of hate Jezebel these days — it’s just turned into a tawdry liberal tabloid masquerading as a “feminist” website. That said, I haven’t *quite* quit reading.

      No guy has ever had the gall to tell me a bj was empowering. (Also, I don’t discuss them with men, generally). But I am amused by how everything is spun as empowering for women these days. “Eat Activia! It’s empowering. Buy these yoga pants! Empower yourself as a woman.” “Dress strictly for men’s attention! You’re a woman, let them hear you roar (in an empowered manner).” “Sit on your sofa with a bucket of cookies and cry, you empowered ladythang!”

  2. They lost my affection when they posted a video of a woman being raped. I still find a lot of their writing really funny though.

    You are very lucky. I have actually have a few “feminists” try to lecture me after I intervened and took their drunk freshman prey away from them.

    • What does actually make me feel empowered
      -Helping other women
      -Making pie

      What does not
      -Sipping overpriced and over-sugared cocktails
      -Buying things, even if they are really pretty
      -Being an asshat

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