Points of Order

First point:

These brownies are the closest thing I have to a sex life.

Slutty brownies

And you know what? That’s fine with me. Or it will be come Sunday when they facilitate some Dorian Gray level chocolate-wallowing decadence.

Second point:

You guys need to post more! I know, you both have lives and Addie actually does her homework, but as much as I love hearing myself talk (type?), I’m starting to feel….a little lonely.

Third point:

“A warrior is one whose basic responsibility is to preserve and protect life.”

-Eve Ensler

Which brings me to my fourth point:

Stay tuned for a review of The Vagina Monologues! Possibly till after finals, but still. I do after all have a sticker that says “I’m worth waiting for!”, and it holds true for both actual vaginas and monologues about them.

Oh geez. I wonder if the pretty chastity speaker who gave me that sticker ever imagined how the emblems of her activism would be used.



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